The Seas of Distant Stars

Sea of distant stars cover final

My new book comes out August 7th! When I tell people about The Seas of Distant Stars, I say it’s about a human girl who’s kidnapped by aliens. Which is true, but here’s the official description:

Agapanthus was kidnapped when she was only two years old, but she doesn’t remember it. In fact, she doesn’t remember her home planet at all. All she knows is Deeyae, the land of two suns; the land of great, red waters. Her foster-family cares for her, and at first that’s enough. But, as she grows older, Agapanthus is bothered by the differences between them. As an Exchanger, she’s frail and tall, not short and strong. And, even though she was raised Deeyan, she certainly isn’t treated like one. One day, an Exchanger boy completes the Deeyan rite-of-passage, and Agapanthus is inspired to try the same. But, when she teams up with him, her quest to become Deeyan transforms into her quest to find the truth―of who she is, and of which star she belongs to.

My biggest inspiration in writing this book were the works of Ursula Le Guin. I wanted to combine the beautiful prose and strong character development of literary fiction with the limitless plot possibilities of science fiction. If asked what genre this book falls in to, I would say literary science fiction.

This is my third novel. My first two–Call of the Sun Child and Listenare for young adults, but The Seas of Distant Stars is aimed at adult readers. I wrote it when I was 22, and now I’m 25, which tells you just how long it takes to get a book published! I’ve been lucky to have the same great indie publisher–Homebound Publications–for all three books.

So far the reviews for The Seas of Distant Stars have been positive:

Lara Campbell McGeheeMidwest ReviewPublishers Weekly

You can find The Seas of Distant Stars wherever books are sold! Let the countdown to August 7th begin.


2 thoughts on “The Seas of Distant Stars

  1. Can’t wait to sit down and read your newest book!! So happy also to be able to donate a copy of “The Seas of Distant Stars” to my local library. Keep writing Cesca, the world awaits!

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