All the Waters I Have Seen: A Collection

These prose-poems, narratives, and photographs focus on the various waters I’ve come upon in the last several months. Whether lake or river, at home or traveling, water proved a captivating companion, one that brings to mind sustainability, human experience, and our place among the greater world. Water can serve as the scenic focal point of a community or a dumping ground. Water can sustain life or destroy entire landscapes through erosion or flooding. Water has been wasted, tainted, dammed, commodified, loved, and forgotten. At its core, water is essential not only in keeping us alive, but in connecting us to all other life that relies on water as well. It’s especially imperative that we think about water now, as climate change is increasing the rate of droughts and water is becoming increasingly scarce. This collection focuses on water as connector and water as gatherer, and aims to re-establish the relationship between humans and the bodies of water we live among.


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