I wrote this book when I was living in a college dorm-room. That was my sophomore year, so I guess I was 19 and 20? I finished it by summer break, then set it aside to prepare for the release of my first novel, Call of the Sun Childwhich came out in March 2014.

And now, nearly three years after I wrote it, I know Listen‘s official release date: March 15th, 2016. Even better, the book is already available for pre-order!

When I started writing Listen, I wasn’t quite sure whether I wanted it to be for adults or young-adults. The story moves through the protagonist’s college years and a little beyond. That’s an age-range that could go either way. I mean, adults can relate with their former college-age selves, and teenagers can dream about their future college-age selves.

What made me decide to market it as a young-adult novel was the coming-of-age theme. This is a story about beliefs. Like Call of the Sun Child, this includes wondering about our place in the natural world and pondering our relationship with the earth.

Listen will be the first book released by Homebound Publication’s newest imprint, Owl House Books, “specializing in literature that can be appreciated by all ages” with a focus on environmental consciousness and on returning to the deep, true heart of storytelling.


Here’s the book description:

May is a piano-genius college freshman who dreams of becoming a brilliant composer. In her school’s practice rooms she meets Conner, an undeniably unattractive junior, and she is immediately captivated by his raw musicality on the piano. As May tries to navigate college life and fulfill her music dreams, Conner pulls her toward the natural world, toward her own wildness, and, ultimately, toward the wildness within her music as well.


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